Jen Kinney is a writer, anti-trafficking activist, and master multitasker. She loves political dialogue, good food, and even better conversation. When she’s not wrangling her twin sons and attempting to educate them, she is doing her part to fight racism and foster dialogue on a host of hot topics with her passion project Food For Thought, and her podcast Speaking of Racism. Her superpower is communication, and her weakness is donuts. She dislikes small-talk, baby videos, and people who insist she appreciates either.






  1. I don’t know if you are the right person, but a customer was in my workplace yesterday and told me to find his daughters blog because he thought I might like it.

    This was in Michigan. I really hope I found the right person because I was really interested in the blog. It seems like this is the right place!

    Nice to meet you anyways, I’ll be reading though your posts soon!


    • Hi Tracey. I am dying laughing right now. I told my friend I hoped you found me just so I could apologize for my father. This is my writer’s blog, but I also have a podcast and website dedicated to discussion on race and racism. It’s called Speaking of Racism. You can find my page on FB and Instagram, the pod on iTunes and elsewhere and the website is http://www.speakingofracism.com.


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