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Food For Thought and How It All Began

I’m one person living in a small suburb of Detroit Michigan; a wife, a mother, and a citizen of a small yet brilliantly beautiful and diverse world. At the moment, I have little more than a desire to see change and some crazy idea to bring people together around two things I’m passionate about food and politics.

I lived in China for close to 5 years, and upon my repatriation into the US, I noticed an increased tension and division in this country. People appeared to be less capable of respectful debate, and far less inclined to share their ideas freely.

I spent a while in observation and gave a great deal of thought to how living in a foreign country had changed the way I perceived the world around me. I wanted to take time and consider the possibility that it was my own perception and not America that had changed so much. Ten months and many conversations later, I have come to the conclusion that America has indeed changed. For a variety of reasons- we have become a country of assumptions, judgment, cynicism, self-protectionism, and deep division.

From the moment I started encountering these issues, I was met by a strong desire to be a part of changing them. Almost immediately, I envisioned playing host to dinners and discussions in my home. A great meal shared can be a powerful unifying force, so why not?

Over the next few weeks, months or if I’m lucky, perhaps years- I will be host to groups of people who enjoy some or all of the following: good food, gathering with others, and sharing ideas. My hope is that I will be able to provide an environment in which people can enjoy gathering for meals and respectful dialogue.

I realize that I’m not going to change the world. I may not even change my neighborhood. But I hope to be a part of something that I am passionate about; something that can bring people into a place of greater understanding for one another and the world around them. If nothing else, I hope to enjoy some excellent food.

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