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Surprised By All These Assault Cases? You Must Not Be A Woman as Featured on Blunt Moms

Many people seem shocked and surprised by the recent allegations of criminal sexual conduct by politicians, journalists, Hollywood execs, and other people of power.

Day after day, new allegations emerge, and day after day more people in the media feign surprise and outrage. Even the conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who wrote that he doesn’t think rape culture exists in the U.S., has attempted to make sense of it all.

His answer, like many talking heads, is short and simple and supports a particular narrative. The problem is it’s grossly lacking.

How do I know? Well, I had the blood-pressure-raising privilege of trying to sit through twenty-five minutes of him talking about it yesterday.

I am not a fan of Walsh’s style, but his take on pornography intrigued me, so I watched it. Then I felt compelled to write him the following letter.

Dear Matt Walsh,
As an anti-trafficking, and therefore anti-porn activist, I want to thank you for taking on the issue of pornography in our country. Thank you for telling people about the average age a child is exposed, the number of hours we view here in the U.S., and the increasing violence and popularity of rape porn.

Thank you for educating people about the way watching porn changes neural pathways in the brain and ruins sex for so many before they ever get to make contact with another human being.

I stand with you in your quest to better understand this problem and educate others about it.

That said- your assessment of the situation is grossly lacking. You assert that the consumption of pornography in our country has birthed a culture of disrespect, which has, in turn, led to this recent avalanche of sexually aggressive and deviant behavior.

In your video, you addressed the surprise your audience has expressed in light of all of these assaults. You challenged them by saying they shouldn’t be surprised given the givens. But your givens are wrong.

Another thing. The majority of women here in the U.S. are not surprised by these allegations.

Let me repeat that. We are not surprised. Continue reading…

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