From The Archives: The Illusion of Intimacy

I’ve noticed a theme in many stories shared on social media lately. I was deeply touched by The Innovation of Loneliness; a short video which explores the changes in the formation of our social […]

Human Trafficking and How You Can Help

It’s human trafficking awareness month people! You know what that means? It means we talk about and spotlight human trafficking as much as possible without exhausting the whole lot of […]

The Gift of Presence

I find myself in that place again. That place where my life is packed into boxes, and I’m trying desperately to navigate the pains of saying goodbye to the place […]

One More Ride

Every time I ride my scooter, I feel free and alive and part of something more. I’m just like everyone else when I’m out there in the midst of it […]

How Expectations Crush Creativity

Here's another in my series for The Naked Writing Project. Raw unedited works shared in an effort to break free from the confines of literary critique.

The Naked Writing Project: Kinda

Who knew finding my voice would be such a difficult thing. I’ve always been capable when communicating. I’ve enjoyed a level of sufficiency crafting both spoken and written word. But […]

If You Give An Expat Time…

Loosely inspired by the book series If You Give...; I explore what happens when you give an expat some time to adjust in their strange new environment. See what happened on my journey.