Dear Victoria’s Secret

Dear Victoria’s Secret, Allow me to begin this letter with a heartfelt thank you. You see, I’ve suffered from a horrible case of writer’s block for months now. But today? Today I […]

The In-Between

So here’s a question. When you live in a city surrounded by poverty and blight- what do you do? How do you live? Do you harden? Walk a little faster […]

Shattered Silence

Profound impact is delivered in many ways. Mine came in the form of a movie. How beautiful it is to have film today; to have the ability to join in […]

Food For Thought and How It All Began

I’m one person living in a small suburb of Detroit Michigan; a wife, a mother, and a citizen of a small yet brilliantly beautiful and diverse world. At the moment, […]

The Illusion of Intimacy

I’ve noticed a theme in many of the stories being shared on social media these days. I was deeply touched by The Innovation of Loneliness ; a short video which explores the changes in the […]

Confessions Of A Hard-Ass Mama

Parent camps. We love to set up in one or another. Some of us try out certain spots, get comfy and set up permanent dwelling spaces. Others set up for […]